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The process for a concept sketch design is as follows:

  • A site visit is organised. Photographs and existing conditions are recorded

  • A brief is written and refined via interview and email

  • The concept sketch plan package is then presented to you at our office.

This includes:

for architectural projects:

  1.  An existing conditions plan to scale.

  2.  A broad-brush concept plan to scale.

  3.  A section of the concept to scale.

  4.  A coloured rendering of the scale plan showing new spaces furnished to show  realistic sizing and to help make the design as clear as possible.

  5. An opinion of probable cost including building costs, permits and professional fees.  This is not a quote but a ballpark figure of what you can expect the project to cost.

  6.  An estimated time frame for the completion of the project.


for furniture commissions:

  1. A plan to scale of the room with the item in it

  2. An orthogonal sketch showing elevations, plan and details of the item.

  3. Samples of materials.

  4. A perspective rendering or a model (depends on the project).

  5. A quote for construction (undertaken by ourselves or others).


  • At the presentation meeting we will also take you through the processes involved in bringing the project to completion.

Once we have presented the concept sketch plan and after consideration you accept the design and wish to proceed further FORM will enter into an agreement with you to provide full architecture services. The fee as outlined in the opinion of probable cost is based on 10% – 15% of the budget (depending on the project size and type).


Full architectural services include:

  • Design development

  • Documentation and application on your behalf for planning permit if required (including meeting with planning and heritage advisors).

  • Regular meetings with you.

  • Full documentation – all architectural drawings including plans, elevations, sections, joinery, electrical and site. Written specifications.

  • Engaging a Geotechnical engineer, on your behalf, to provide a soil report (required for building permit).

  • Engaging and liasing with a Structural engineer, on your behalf, to provide accredited structural documentation.

  • Documentation and application on your behalf for a building permit.

  • Provide tender documentation to at least 3 builders

  • Contract administration – administering building works from start to completion.


We can also provide landscape and garden design if required.


Furthermore FORM architecture furniture offers furniture design for manufactures. We have since 1997 been working with Mortice and Tenon Australia designing most of their production furniture and have accumulated great deal of experience in this area. We have also worked with manufacturers Club Décor and Just Leather over the years.

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